Hello fellow sailors, family, friends, and supporters;

My name is Delaney Imbler and I am the Fleet Captain for the University of Toledo Sailing team. My team and I are in the process of raising money in order to fix up our current fleet of FJ’s, perhaps add another boat, and we are also trying to get a coach boat to make our practices more beneficial and safer. Also, new this year, we are purchasing an insurance policy for us on or off the water, on our boat or yours. This is an awesome policy with many benefits however it will cost us $2,000 a year. With this fundraiser, and more in the future, we plan on budgeting the money so the insurance gets paid every year to keep the team afloat.

Some may recognize my name; for I grew up at Mentor Harbor Yacht Club, went through their sailing camp, sailed for the race team, and currently coach our Opti Race Team. However, I am not the only one on the team that grew up competing in the ILYA. Past Fleet Captain Drew Blackburn sailed for Sandusky Sailing Club, Past Commodore Luke Gossman and Colin Mackay sailed and coached for North Cape Yacht Club, and Abby Waite sailed for Port Clinton. We hope to get more sailors coming out of the ILYA to attend the University of Toledo and sail for this growing team.

Attached is the link to the gofundme which explains more in depth what your donation will be used for as well as lists latest achievements the team has had. We offer two ways for you to donate to our team’s efforts; one is tax deductible and the other is non tax deductible. The link routing you to the UT Alumni Fund is tax deductible however it is not easy or fast for us to access that money. The gofundme is non tax deductible however that money comes straight to us and we can use it immediately.


Click here to support UT Sailing Club by Craig Mueller


Click here to support UT Sailing Club by Craig Mueller

Hello fellow sailors, friends, family, and supporters; First and foremost, thank you to all who have helped us …


All in all, with your donation you will be helping a growing sailing team become better and more sustaining for future classes which in turn welcomes more and more people to the beautiful, lifelong sport of sailing.

Thank you for all your support,
The University of Toledo Sailing Club
Commodore – Craig Meuller
Vice Commodore – Carrington Geraldi
Fleet Captain – Delaney Imbler
Treasurer – Carla Marzari
Secretary – Garrett Crozier