By Dawn Riley

It is widely known that the US Olympic Sailing Team has struggled in the past couple of games, especially when compared to the current powerhouses of Australia, New Zealand and the UK or the glory days of the US in the 70s and 80s.   Conversely solutions have been widely discussed but no clear solution identified.   Often the easiest and quite American solutions is “we need to raise and spend more money”.  Then the question becomes, how do you do that efficiently and effectively so that it directly translates to a positive medal count.  The Oakcliff Triple Crown Series is an ingenious answer to the questions.  The series will have qualifying events designed to build the interaction between top teams and younger and aspiring teams creating a feeder system for young hopefuls.  This is the long-term development part of the solution that hopefully will pay it forward for years to come.   Top teams in these events will qualify for the Triple Crown Series where $500,000 of prize grants will be available.  The grants are only to be used for specific expenses that are incurred in the path towards Olympics like regatta entry fees and coaching.   Hard work and top performance will be rewarded.  The hope is that this decidedly American solution has a direct and positive effect on the medal count.