Midwest Collegiate Sailing Association is unique as all the school teams are considered clubs and most are student led.  That means they receive little or no money from the universities so they scrape together funds  for a coach,  insurance, boat repairs, and gas to get to regattas.  It takes passionate, dedicated sailors to pull this off.

The University of Toledo team exemplifies both the financial model and the resolve to having sailing at the collegiate level.  They are looking to repair their 1970’s vintage FJ’s for practice boats, find a used 420 for regattas and maybe even  find a coach boat.  I spoke with UT commodore, Craig Mueller, who is leading the charge, but before they work on boats, they must pay the $2000 insurance bill. Their annual income is $1600.

It doesn’t add up and we can help.  They have set up both a  GoFund Me and a tax deductible  program though the University.

Several years ago, I spoke at an MSCA dinner where I quickly realized three things:

  • I was double the age of every person in the room save one.
  • The sailors were using the same boats that I sailed back in 80’s.
  • College sailors are really good at growing the sport.

Help create a  win-win.  Donate.  Decent equipment makes sailing and racing better.  College students have the ability to introduce sailing to a wide audience.   It changes lives—I know. I met my husband, Andy, sailing MSCA.

Patty Lawrence