Win with Boat Show Education Programs

Sailing’s stakeholders know that sailing can sometimes be difficult to access and the learning curve steep.  We also know that sailors tend to be curious and enjoy learning.  Educational programs and especially boat show seminars create wins for consumers, exhibitors, and show management.


A strong seminar program creates

A win

for show management with improvedd gate sales and a meaningful show feature


A win

or exhibitors as they drive show traffic and provide a conduit for building customer relationships


A win

for consumers who are eager to get into sailing


Seminars offer the public a pathway to sailing that is affordable, accessible and easy. Often seminar attendees spend several mixing shopping and education at the shows as they prepare to buy a boat, make accessory purchases and gain confidence to cast off the dock lines. Seminars sell the sailing lifestyle.

A solid seminar programs drives traffic to the shows with seminars that teach skills, tempt with alluring destinations and get sailing partners on the same page.

Speaker Application

Speakers with outstanding speaking skills, substantial knowledge base &  sailing insights are welcome to apply.

Seminars topics are chosen based upon broad appeal to the public and ability to drive show traffic, complementary topics, consumer feedback, speaker’s name recognition and resume.


Business owners
ASA and US Sailing certified instructors
Rally Organizers
Weather Experts

ARC rally founder
Yacht designers
US Sailing and Sail America board members
Navy veterans
Chicago to Mac racers

National Class Champions
Communications experts
Ostar record holder
America’s Cup sailors
Finance experts
Former Michigan State Representative and Senator

Magazine publishers
Summer Sailstice founder
Technical experts
Newport to Bermuda overall winner
Safety experts

Excellent! Would come to the show just to attend the seminars and to listen to great speakers

Nicely informative, good accuracy, well-given


Very entertaining, down to earth, very informative with fun current stories and past mistakes.

Fabulous!! A wealth of information! Thanks so much


Wonderful presentation—entertaining speaker

Very skillful, readily understandable presentation of well-organized material

Next year, please make the seminar tents bigger for more seating for more people to attend

Wonderful Speaker!