Pam Wall on Sailing

You have been involved with the sailing industry for over 20 years.  What changes have your experienced since you began?
I have been involved with the sailing industry over 40 years! The greatest change I have seen in the industry is electronic navigation and communication.

What is the number one issue the consumer faces in 2016?
The number one issue the consumer faces is rising prices in marine stores, marinas, and services for yachts.

How have you experienced getting new sailors into boats and on the water?
My experience in getting new sailors into boats and on the water is to educate, stimulate the dream, and help to make the dream come true through educational seminars, consulting, and excitement about our wonderful on the water lifestyle.

What excites you about the sailing industry?
I am most excited about a life aboard a boat as a means to see and live with various people around the globe, educate my children to meet and understand children around the world, to be able to move about our globe and still have our home, and to enjoy the freedom of being responsible for all that we encounter in life aboard a sailing craft.

Pam Wall had her honeymoon in 1972 crossing the Atlantic on a 30 foot timber sloop. Her first ocean passage, and the next couple of years cruising in Europe, were happily spent sailing with no radios, no electronic navigation equipment, no engine, and a black bucket for a toilet. Once home from sailing back across the Atlantic, Pam and her husband, Andy, built their own Freya 39 sloop.

After taking their two small children around the world on, KANDARIK, Pam worked at the West Marine store in Fort Lauderdale for 20 years as Cruising Consultant and Outfitting Manager. Pam started the Outfitting Program at West Marine where she helped fellow sailors get fully prepared for offshore cruising. Pam not only helps cruisers have the right equipment for blue water sailing, but she is also a source for information on the cruising lifestyle, routes and sailing information, and helping to encourage new cruisers.

Today Pam has her own sailing and cruising consulting business and lectures at boat shows.Pam has a new role of outfitting custom aluminum yachts being built in New Zealand. Working with the well-known authors and yacht designers, Steve and Linda Dashew has become Pam’s new role is outfitting cruising yachts. Check out the web-site: to see the FPB yachts that are a new breed of ocean cruising yachts.

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