imageedit_3_4252547953Sailing needs its own forum for news, ideas, products and services. Simple as that.

As a group we are stronger when we all sail to the same mark. Like a regatta, we can be fierce competitors on the race course but when the racing is over we meet as friends to evaluate the day’s events and make plans for a better tomorrow. Sailbuzz is much the same. While we may compete in some areas, ultimately we better when are informed, share ideas that work and think strategically about the future. Sailbuzz is our virtual gathering place and the forum for news and opportunities. As a group we do many smart, interesting and innovative things and sailbuzz is the place to communicate their success and challenges. is the site to communicate ideas that work so that we can grow sailing numbers and participation. Sailbuzz is your one-stop for interesting and relevant sailing news.   It’s also the single place where your news will be distributed to all of sailing stakeholders. Sailbuzz is YOUR business to business forum where you can:

  • Write an editorial
  • Share ideas that work
  • Tout local events
  • Promote local news

Additionally, sailbuzz is forum to educate the industry about your products, promote your boat shows, regattas, open houses and showcase your educational, delivery, finance, and repair services. Both word and tile ads, which are featured on both the website and the newsletter are welcome. For more information, submission and comments,   I am looking forward to hearing from you!